Dan River Basin Association- Iron Bridge Memorial Project

A truss from the Fieldale Iron Bridge will soon be used as Trail Art along the Fieldale Trail, and you can help preserve this important piece of local history! Your financial support is needed. View this donation form for preserving a section of the Fieldale Iron Bridge. Donate any amount! Donate $100 and reserve a plaque with a name engraved. All donations are tax-deductible and proceeds will be used for the costs associated with transporting, cleaning, and mounting the bridge truss alongside the trail.  With your support, this section of the Fieldale Iron Bridge will be preserved so it can be remembered and for future generations to enjoy.  Please send all donations to:
Dan River Basin Association- Attn: Fieldale Bridge
413 Church Street, Suite 401 Eden, NC 27288
For more information, call: 276-634-2545

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