War Memorial Monument

Martinsville-Henry County War Memorial Monument

Historic Henry County Courthouse

1 East Main Street, Martinsville Virginia

On January 28, 1985, the Henry County Board of Supervisors held a meeting to permit the erecting of a War Memorial at the Henry County Courthouse in honor of the veterans of the Martinsville-Henry County, VA area who had lost their lives in all the wars.  The proposition was voted on and was met with unanimous appeal to carry out.

The Martinsville & Henry County War Memorial Committee was tasked with the handling of the memorial, as in terms of the design for it and the raising of the funds. The committee consisted of the following:

Richard Lee Martin, Vice Chairman

Verification Committee

George Charlie Cox, Chairman

Verification Committee

Sammy Redd, Chairman

General Fund Raising Committee

Marie Peters Lackey, Chairman

Publicity Committee & Administration

James R. Barrow, Chairman

Monument Grounds & Site Committee

William Earl Smith, Chairman

General Public & Clubs Committee

Lois Carnell Steagall, Vice Chairman

Verification Committee

Charles Melvin White, Chairman

Program Committee

Erwin Katz, Vice Chairman

General Fund Raising Committee

Jeffery Blackman, Memorialist Designer

The Martinsville & Henry County War Memorial Committee submitted a proposal to Mount Airy Memorial’s Inc. to handle the creation of the memorial. The memorial was to be made out of Georgia Grey Granite that was statue grade with a Crystal white finish.  On top there would be an Eagle Memorial that was made out of Bronze, which would have a 28 inch wing spread and would be 27 ½ inches high. The total height would be 26ft. 6in. and the total length would be 6ft with a weight of 34,750 pounds.  The total contract price was a total of $49,729.00 (while including Virginia Sales and Use Tax exemption number).  The total price included workman compensation, general liability and property damage insurance as well.

The memorial was dedicated to the courthouse on November 10, 1985, the day before Veteran’s Day, and on that very day they had the unveiling of the memorial to the public in a ceremony that had a turnout of around 400 people.  After the ceremony, people gathered around the memorial to try to find their relative’s name out of the approximately 400 names engraved on the memorial.

Listed below are all the names of the soldiers that resided in Martinsville and Henry County who courageously participated in the wars and passed away as a result of fighting for their country:

Revolutionary War

Bolling, William

Jamerson, John

Boardman, Robert

Hewlett, Augustine

Christian, William

William, Letcher

Hewlett, William

Lyon, Jacob

Turner, Izrael

War of 1812

Taylor, Blagrove

Francis, William

Gravely, Frank

Shelton, James

Fifer, James

Taylor, James

Shelton, Nathan

 Civil War 1861-1865

Soldiers Who Died While

Prisoners Of War

Keaton, Madison

Waller, James C.

Baker, John L.

Doyle, J. N.

Craighead, Thomas J.

Eggleston, James L.

Koger, James M.

Fry, Allen H.

Harris, Elisha K.

Law, Nathaniel G.

King, James W.

McBride, Jesse

Carter, Peter K.

Seabury, William H.

Gilley, William

Bowles, Gibson R.

Smith, John Williams

Dillon, Joseph T.

Shelton, W. H.

Kendrick, W. P.

Matherly, George W.

Carter Edward C.

Philpott, John P.

Stulz, Lafayette A.

Harris, Henry W.

Davis, Samuel J.

Eggleston, Joseph I.

Booth, C.

Hollandsworth, Harrison

Jarrot, Peter T.

Cruise, Asa

Vipperman, N. T.

King, J. D.

Mitchell, Thomas S.

Anderson, Robert W. Jr.

Carter, John

Jones, David

Hatcher, Soloman C.

Pratt, Thomas J.

Wadall, A.

Shumate, Silas J.

Dillon, Thad C.

Gravely, Joseph P.

Eggleston, Ira Hardin

Wyatt, John W.

Martin, James M.

Bennett, James R.

Harris, Columbus

Stone, James R.

Dillon, Edward L.

King, George S.

Hill, John H.

Robertson, William

Craig, George W.

Agee, Charles L.

Peay, Samuel H.

Elkins, William

Wimbush, Peter

Soldiers Killed In Action

Hollandsworth, John T.

Craig, Greenville

Waller, Samuel G.

Lester, James Osbern

Martin, Oregen H.

Draper, WIlliam M.

Mason, John L.

Eggleston, George W.

Dobbyns, F. O.

King, Meridith

Matthews, R. T.

Hodnett, Phillip

Rogers, Hiram G.

Stephens, W. O.

Richardson, Jesse M.

Houston, George S.

Israel, James

Prunty, Robert C.

Harris, Tyler

Cobb, James H.

Wells, Daniel L.

Kinney, W. H.

DeShazo, George R.

Patirck, John

Hairston, John A.

Walker, G. W.

Joyce, William A.

Burch, James

Davis, Robert T.

Land, Edward F.

Eggleston, Henry H.

Watkins, Horsley

Price, G. H.

Cundiff, A.

West, Thomas L.

Minter, James E.

Johnson, James M.

Richardson, Joseph H.

Price, Thomas Allen

Bennett, C. H.

Jones, J. P.

Watkins, Winston

Pedigo, Elisha F.

Koger, James

Cox, Charles

Gunnell, James

Martin, WIlliam Allen

Clark, Willis

Lemoner, G. P.

Wingfield, Christopher

Trent, William W.

Jenkins, John J.

Coleman, James

Koger, Edward

McHone, M.

Prillaman, Christopher

Hollandsworth, Fountain

Turner, Josiah

Byrd, Lewis Marshall

Wilmouth, Pleasant

Mason, James Murray

King, Lewis Graves

Armstrong, James

Harger, John T.

Taylor, Hill Mullins

White, J. O.

Conner, Daniel

Edwards, King L.

Pannill, Willie

Stulz, Charles W.

Hutchinson, J. L.

Crews, Henry

Barrow, Robert P.

Watkins, John W.

King, Benjamin S.

Byer, Lzarus

Gilbert, L. D.

Tuggle, T. A.

Philpott, Nathaniel C.

Koger, Lee

Dillion, H. H.

Hereford, Hardin H.

Wells, William F.

Matthews, Caleb H.

Kinney, N. J.

Huden, J. L.

Spencer, H.

Reay, Joseph O.

Taylor, George W.

World War I

Killed In Action 1917-1918

Cole, William S.

Ashworth, George L.

Frith, Jesse T.

King, Heiner

Pannill, George E.

Pannill, J. E. B. Stuart

Thomas, James

Eanes, Raleigh H.

Moran, Thomas D.

Jefferson, John D.

Holland, Lloyd

Stultz, Fred

Wells, Claude S.

Manna, George

Woodall, Goerge

Stone, Benjamin L.

Bryant, Charlie

Dillard, Homer

Hensley, William B.

Mitchell, Roy T.

Turner, James Muscoe

Donovant, Eugene

Walton, William T.

Calloway, Homer

Rogers, Robert J.

World War II

Joyce, James T.                                            

Creasy, Walker

Herrington, Alton P.

Ray, James H.

Lester, H.C. Claybrook Jr.

Scott, Lassie T.

Mundo, James M.

Hancock, James E.

Hodges, Ardie H.

Ford, Dillard M.

Cannoy, George B.

Dawson, Howard E.

Law, Johnnie E.

Mitchell, Lloyd M.

Saville, Harry L. Jr.

Washburn, Noel P.

Williamson, Robert B.

Minter, M. Kennon

Jones, Clyde S.

Aaron, R. Stanley

Ausburne, Robert L.

Hodges, John M.

Shelton, Raymond E.

Newman, Dudley

Turner,  Junior M.

Wingate, Albert D.

Spencer, Isiah J.

Osborne, WIlliam H.

Martin, Otho A.

Neal, John B.

Harris, Drewry C.

Hampton, James R.

Adams, Joseph P. Jr.

Ramsey, Jesse T

Stowe, Harry L.

Lyon, W. Duke

Robertson, Bernard L.

Lakey, Leonard M.

Hawkins, Jesse D.

Jarrett, C. Edgar

Young, Paul A.

Settles, Durwood C.

Hopkins, Roy D.

Ford, Thomas M. Jr.

Brown, Harvey S.

Hutchens, Carl H.

Nelson, Robert L.

Weakley, Douglas T.

Zandiotis, Milton T.

Prillaman, Taylor K.

Kerley, Fenia P.

Eggleston, Clay D.

Barrow, Kyle W\

Allen, Leonard Z.

Johnson, Herman M.

Sheppard, Alfred A.

Wilson, Roger M.

Trent, Gordon L. Jr.

Mitchell, Ernest E.

Herndon, Willis E.

Dalton, James C.

Collins, Thomas J.

Ingram, Buron W.

McGhee, Roy E.

Watson, Eswin M.

Thornton, Ivor D.

Mills, Theodore H.

Hedgecock, James R.

Kearfott, Benjamin R.

Durham, Robert A.

Gunter, Harry C.

Ferguson, James S.

Mabe, Guy D.

Nunn, Melvin E.

Sink, William I.

Weddle, Wilmar T.

Ramsey, Robert P.

Mitchell, Howard S.

Koger, Dudley

Anglin, Lyburn H.

Atkins, Carlies R.

Bradley, Thomas L.

Cardwell, Terry L.

Bryant, Roy C.

Mariels, William G.

Hurd, Raymond V.

Whitlow, Belvie G.

Rea, William S.

Morrison, Carl K.

Stewart, Henry

Harris, Milton E.

Compton, Ryland D.

Arnn, Bernard J.

Frith, Jack B.

Hurt, Billy J.

Lovell, James S.

Minter, William W.

Mills, Joseph P.

Neff, Evelyn K.

Scott, James R.

Whitener, Myron E. Jr.

Stone, Robert C.

Prillaman, Clarence E.

Palmer, Richard M.

Stanley, Henry M.

Martin, L. Wayne

Lawrence, Harrison J.

Harris, Willie G.

Ashley, Arthur L.

Clark, Arthur L.

Hairston, Daniel W.

Flippin, James C.

Davis, James F.

Evans, Ezra W.

Hill, Darrell C.

Whitlow, McGinnis

Taylor, James L.

Preston, James H.

Ramsey, Joseph M.

Lankford, John H.

Hite, John E.

Edwards, Thomas J.

Atkins, Ulysses G.

Akridge, Utah

Brown, Jack A.

Barbour, Robert L.

Brown, William O.

Ford, Lee A.

Bryant, Camden R.

Gilbert, Irvin C.

Hurd, James R.

Hubbard, Cecil F.

McDaniel, Hartwell L.

Moser, Cabell O.

Wagoner, James W.

Rea, E. Bernard

Screen, Robert L.

Mitchell, James T. Jr.

Menfree, Clinton K.

James, Walter M.

Hall, Roy W.

Cobler, John H.

Bever, George H. Jr.

Haley, T. Lee

Carter, William H.

Burge, William B. Jr.

Hodnett, William P. Jr.

Scales, Harden M.

Hoover, Eugene C.

WIllis, Marvin C.

Whitlow, Darrington E.

Spencer, Peter A.

Roach, Jay R.

Martin, Rush S. Jr.

Martin, Lawrence

Lester, Raymond E.

Hall, Leonard E.

Clark, Robert L.

Booker, Jesse W. III

Correll, James W. Jr.

Law, Samuel H.

Hopkins, Ernest W.

Martin, Marvin H.

Shough, Claude A.

Robertson, Frank

Mitchell, Stephen L. Jr.

Wirtz, Benjamin H.

Smith, William R.

Minter, Stafford E.

Palmer, William R.

Martin, Shuble W.

Plyborn, Benjamin M.

Taylor, Sam Frank

Korean Conflict

Hundley, Coleman C.

Cooper, Leroy

Oakes, Aubrey N.

McMillian, Raymond

Gauldin, Curtis C.

Still, Edgar H.

Sinclair, Clifford L.

Grigsby, Wiley J.

Edwards, Charles P.

Franklin, James L.

Royal, Leff V.

Schoofield, Saint E.

Osborne, John H.

Koger, Bernard R.

Lawless, Leon B.

Craig, Harry Edward

Massie, Elmore

Hubbard, Murry A.

Vietnam Conflict

Bullington, Frederick C.

Hairston, Johnny M.

Alley, Lonnie D.

Whitehead, Morris A.

Ramsey, Calvin W.

Martin, Alphonso S.

Holland, Robert S.

Easley, Samuel H. II.

Wilson, David W.

Martin, L. Dwight

Hatcher, Larry D.

Brooks, Lonnie A.

Sowder, Bernard A.

Jefferson, Louis A.

Lampkin, Lewis Dean

Walker, Clovis B.

Stone, Gordon E.

Dillard, Jerry A.

Bowles, Frank J.

Lovell, Lewis R.

Souther, James A.

Witcher, Samuel E.

Martin, Harry P.

Manns, Charles E.

Foley, Douglas L.

Seay, Toney Elwood

Iraqi Freedom

Brown, Demarkus D.

Jenkins, Rush M.

Bowling, Johnathan W.


Hatfield, Jerome D.

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